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Bio: Mike Wreyford, AKA Mike the “Wine Guy” is a Food, Wine,Travel & Lifestyle Expert. This Writer, Blogger, Foodie/Wine Enthusiast, and Spontaneous Traveler, is the Host & Producer of “The Good LIfe” Show, a popular Weekly Radio Talk Show. Mike combines his lifetime of Travel, 30+ years in the Restaurant / Bar business, an “Ongoing Appreciation of Wine”, along with his marketing and entrepreneurial expertise, to share his passion for Food, Wine, Travel and Lifestyle with friends, fans, and businesses around the world.
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Apr 16, 2017

Julie Davidson is the very very, funny author of From Conception to Confusion: A humorous collection of stories from a mom who’s trying to keep her sanity intact, her house clean, and her husband and kids from finding her stash of good chocolate.

Between bribing her kids with the giant Starbucks cookies to being ridiculously overwhelmed by third grade math homework, Julie created a series of essays relating to the journey of motherhood. Julie has found that her words resonate with countless other parents in their quest to navigate parenthood-even before the baby is born.  Some might say Julie's lowering the bar of motherhood, but Julie prefers to say she's just holding the bar down so others can join her. is.

Apr 16, 2017

Diane Lang has dedicated her career to helping people turn their lives around and is now on a mission to help them develop a  sustainable positive attitude that can actually turn one into an optimist, literally. A therapist and educator/coach of Positive Psychology, she has seen that it can provide a strong foundation for finding great happiness and is gratified that it is becoming a mainstream method of treatment.

A parent herself, Lang has taught Positive Parenting to parents and written extensively on the benefits of using it with even the youngest children. She has also spoken or conducted seminars on postpartum depression, striving for balance versus having it all and practical tips on interviewing, networking and dressing for success and is the author of “Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career.”

Diane is a Therapist and Life coach in NJ. Her clinical experience includes treating patients with different forms of mental illness, physical and emotional abuse and relationship issues. Lang is also an Adjunct in Psychology at Montclair State University, her college work includes mentoring students for individual career counseling and personal issue advisement.

As an expert in her fields of therapy, Lang has been featured in the Daily Record, Family Circle, Family Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Cookie Magazine, seen on NJ 12 TV, Good day CT, CBS TV, Style CT, The Veira network and the national television program “Fox & Friends”. She has also participated in a reality based Internet show,, hosted Generation X-tinet and appeared in various educational videos including Columbia books.

Lang has an M.A. in Counseling and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the New York Institute of Technology. Diane has her Positive Psychology coaching certificate from Wholebeing Institute. Diane’s latest book is: Creating balance & finding happiness.

Apr 16, 2017

Pascale Naessens is a best-selling culinary author in Belgium. She has since become a leading voice for pure and healthy eating. A number of her books have already been translated into French, English, German and Chinese.

She’s also an acclaimed ceramic artist whose collection of kitchen tableware titled ‘Pure by Pascale Naessens for Serax’ has enjoyed considerable international success. Housewives and top restaurants (Pure-C, Bouvy and the world-famous Hakkasan restaurant in London) serve their food on plates and dishes designed by Pascale Naessens.

No one imagined that a cookbook could cause such a stir
Pascale Naessens’ cookbooks have helped create a real culinary movement: people are once again free to enjoy their food, and still stay slim and healthy.

They are attracted to her romantic way of cooking because the delicious and simple recipes are uncomplicated and easily accessible. Young and old, everyone is enthusiastic. It’s said that ‘Pascale taught her nation to eat healthily’.

It’s evident that her cooking and her lifestyle appeal to a broad public as demonstrated by the many Facebook communities where fans of ‘Pascale’s pure kitchen’ share experiences and recipes, often accompanied by photographs of recipes served on plates from Pascale’s ‘Pure’ collection.

Having completed her studies in Economic Sciences, at the age of 18, Pascale Naessens traveled the globe as an international fashion model. After five years of assignments in Paris, Milan, Madrid, Hong Kong, China and Tokyo, she returned to Belgium where she began a television career with the Belgian broadcasting corporation VTM, first as a presenter then hosting a series of home and lifestyle shows before collaborating on the sailing program, Jambers Odyssee (Jambers’ Odyssey).

In addition to architecture and interior design, her other passions include health and cooking. Having dealt with her own eating problems, she delves deeper into this subject. Her travels to the Far East inspired her, and she became a qualified health consultant specializing in traditional Chinese medicine. She practices tai chi and is a certified shiatsu therapist. She is also a qualified restaurateur and has taken a number of culinary courses ranging from macrobiotic cooking to classes in top restaurants.

Her first book, in which she explains her food philosophy, was published in 2010. Her focus is on a natural way of eating, more a lifestyle than a diet. The book was an instant success. She has since published six books and each one of them has reached number one on the Belgian best sellers list and they all continue to be top sellers. This achievement merely reaffirms her position as Belgium’s best-selling author.

She also writes culinary articles and columns for several lifestyle magazines, which include interviews with scientists who offer opinions on health and diet. She is a highly sought-after speaker on healthy eating.

While making a documentary in Tunisia, Pascale became fascinated with ceramic pottery after meeting a local ceramist named Sabiha Ayari. She then embarked on her own studies with ceramic artist Bie Van Gucht for several years and attended numerous courses on ceramics, glazing and firing techniques. She created ceramic tableware in her own workshop and then took her prototypes to Serax. This collaboration resulted in the ‘Pure’ ceramic tableware line, which has become an international success. Housewives and top restaurants alike serve their food on Pure plates and Pure dishes designed by Pascale Naessens.

Her passion for interior design was nurtured during the making of her television program Huis & Thuis (House & Home). For 10 years she interviewed architects and visited Belgium’s most beautiful homes. This passion is evident in the styling of her cookbooks, for which she is solely responsible. Her love for the interplay of lines is reflected in her work as ceramic artist, but it’s also incorporated in her new challenge: furniture design. Her new furniture line, characterized by its distinctive oval shapes, has been widely praised.

Both talents are a natural complement to her cookbooks, the common theme is: Pure. Because seeking to live a worthwhile and pure life is the basis of Pascale Naessens’ world.

In her new book Pure and Simple, Pascale Naessens shares her method for staying happy, healthy, and fit, with a lifestyle that embraces natural, unprocessed foods, delicious meals, pleasure, and health.

Apr 15, 2017

Hiya! I’m Heidi Siefkas (pronounced Seef-kas). Although I’m originally from small-town Wisconsin (you betcha), I hang my hat in South Florida. However, as an adventurer, I’m rarely home for long. In fact, you’re best bet is to find me in Cuba. Also I’m a speaker, the creator of the mantra Look Up, and author of three inspirational, non-fiction books When All Balls Drop, With New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba.

Heidi Siefkas was a happily married, globetrotting professional who seemingly had it all—until a tree limb in New York's Hudson River Valley struck her down, breaking her neck and leaving her unconscious. Suddenly, life as she knew it stopped. She lost her independence. She lost her career. She watched her marriage disintegrate as she confronted a trail of devastating lies about her husband's double life. She had lost all that mattered, but she was a survivor. She fought to restore her health, repair her broken heart, and rebuild herself. Along the way, she gained clarity about her core values, ultimately coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to have it all. Through down-to-earth, short vignettes, When All Balls Drop shows us how it's possible to look up in spite of pain, deceit, and loss. Heidi's memoir—rich with hope and humor—inspires anyone who's had to confront tragedy and reassess their life in the wake of life-altering events.

Heidi Siefkas lost her health, her career, and her marriage after she was struck by a one-thousand-pound tree branch. While she made great strides in her physical and emotional recovery in the months that followed—an arduous process that she chronicled in When All Balls Drop—Heidi wasn't content to merely survive her setbacks. The time was right to build a new life. One she could live on her own terms. But what would a redesigned life look like? In her quest for answers, Heidi returned to her childhood home in Wisconsin, dove into the South Florida dating scene, revisited old flames in New England, sold her first home, jumped out of a plane, and traveled alone to South America. Every leg of her journey provided a healthy dose of perspective. With New Eyes is full of mishaps and bold decisions, all seasoned with sassy humor. Through her signature down-to-earth vignettes, Heidi inspires you to conquer your fears, head for adventure, and become the captain of your own ship.


Apr 15, 2017

​​I was born and partly raised in a small town in Southern Italy and lived there for most of my younger years. My parents and our region in Southern Italy really helped me appreciate our food, culture and all its bounty. My dad was a produce merchant so our home was always filled with unsold deliciousness that always found its way to the table.  My dad had several specialties that he liked to showcase and my mom always had a delicious meal waiting for my sister and I for when we returned home from school. Food has always been very prominent in my household, just like any other Italian household. We discuss dinner while eating lunch and tomorrow’s lunch while enjoying dinner!!
We lived  in a small town built on traditions and customs that I still value today. I have fond memories of walking to church on Sunday mornings and smelling the delicious aromas coming from people’s homes. Sauces, meatballs, fried peppers and a fresh pot of brewing espresso always bring me back home. How funny it was to walk to church and be able to tell what everyone would be having for lunch that day! 

After our move to the States, we were able to travel back and forth during the summers and this process really allowed us to maintain our Italian way of life. We frequently brought back authentic Italian ingredients, particularly the dried spices such as oregano and rosemary.  Things haven't changed all that much now and we still travel back whenever possible. It's such a blessing to still have our home there and be able to go back and forth. And yes, we still bring some spices! Nothing like roasted potatoes with Italian rosemary or a tomato salad with real oregano! 
Today, I teach cooking at several local Adult Education Centers in the Boston area as well as private classes in clients’ homes or my own. I also lead, plan and organize culinary tours to Italy. I am convinced more people should have experiences like mine. Authentic meals, the best espresso a Euro can buy, and the joy that can only come from traveling to Italy. What a thrill it is for me to bring people back to my native land. On our tours we participate in regional cooking classes, walking culinary tours, wine tastings and cultural excursions. No foodie or food enthusiast should miss the tours as it's the best way to learn about the Italian culture, lifestyle and cuisine.

I am a proud member of the National Italian American Foundation, Italian Sons and Daughters of America and the National Organization of Italian American Women.  

Apr 15, 2017

I’ve spent the last year or so of my life traveling near and far (but mainly far) – all the time while employed by a massive Fortune 100 company. In the last year I made it to 27 countries – most for work, some for pleasure – armed only with the camera on my cracked iPhone 4S to record these incredible places, and a meager attempt at an Instagram account (follow me! @kurlington).

I’ve explored small wondrous villages in rural China, made it to the North Korean border, and driven through the mountains of Oman – white sand beaches in Abu Dhabi, rainforest hiking in Colombia, night clubs in Roppongi Hills of Tokyo, and even dove in the Red Sea in forgotten Saudi Arabia. In the same waking breath, I’ve stayed in a luxurious 5 star resort, and shared a dorm in a hostel with sand flies. Flown across the world 1st class, and two days later found myself on a 6 hour bumpy bus ride in the Guatemalan mountains with a Mayan woman on my lap. Presented in boardrooms, and been invited for tea under a dock. I live a life of dichotomy – of dual purpose – and would not have it any other way.

Apr 15, 2017

Hired by Jess Jackson in 1992 as Winemaker for some of our smaller and international vineyards, Randy was handed his most prestigious assignment in 1997 - Winemaster for Kendall-Jackson Winery.

A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Randy became interested in wine during a three-year stay in Chile, while on sabbatical from college in the early 1970s. His stay inspired a cross-country trek through Chile's vast wine-growing regions. On his return to the United States, he entered Ohio State University to study crop production with a specialty in Viticulture and Enology and received his degree in 1975.

After six years as a vineyard manager and Winemaker in Ohio and upstate New York, Randy moved to California to become associate Winemaker at De Loach Vineyards in Sonoma County. He was promoted to Winemaker and Vice President in 1991. The wines produced during his tenure were consistent gold medal winners at wine competitions.

Mar 21, 2017

Kelsey Tonner is an experienced, global tour guide and founder of the Be a Better Guide Project, a movement that brings together tour guides and tour operators from around the world to learn from one another. His mission is to help anyone, anywhere, create extraordinary experiences for travelers.

With over ten years experience in the industry he has led trips in over fifteen different countries from Europe to the Americas and from Asia to North Africa. He has been a wilderness trip leader, a dog-sledding guide, a volunteer coordinator in an Inuit community and spent four years leading hiking, biking and multi-sport trips with Backroads Canada. He has visited over sixty countries and set foot on all seven continents.

In 2015 Kelsey was chosen from thousands as one of eight shortlisted guides for the Wanderlust World Guide Awards. With practical yet wisecracking advice, Kelsey inspires a global community of professional tour leaders and businesses to give people memories of a lifetime, and helps them earn more money while doing it.

His goal is to help you become one of the most engaging, inspired, and out-of-this-world tour leaders on the planet.

Lead Amazing Tours

A step-by-step system to give unforgettable experiences, get rave reviews and earn more customers. Everything you need to jump-start your tour or activity business. Read

Mar 6, 2017

Julia Goldin will take up the job as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as of January 1, 2015.

Julia Goldin is 45 years old and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. Prior to joining the LEGO Group she was Global CMO of Revlon, and has previously worked and lived in Europe, Asia and the USA holding several senior global and regional marketing leadership roles in the Coca-Cola Company.

Mar 6, 2017

Igor Zukowiec was born in the small town of Ruciane-Nida, a quaint village nestled among the gorgeous lakes and forests of Masurian Lake District in Poland. While there, Igor immersed himself in the world of flavor pairings, for both food and beverages. His passion ultimately led to his career in catering, bar consulting and beverage styling after moving to New York in 2006.

Igor’s expertise grew along with his passion, and it wasn’t long before his work was featured in the New York Daily News in December of 2008. The article praised his cocktails created for Lola restaurant in SoHo. Igor went on to work on bar programs and cocktail recipe development for several establishments, such as Hakkasan, RedFarm, Decoy, La Mar and Barraca.

In 2009, Igor started building ALCHEMIQ Catering, a NYC-based company with quality hors d'oeuvres, finger food, cocktail catering and a bartender for hire service. After opening in 2010, the company gained clients such as Google, Jo Malone, Visionaire and Patron Spirits. The success of ALCHEMIQ Catering was recognized by a variety of critics, including Jay-Z’s blog Life+Times, which featured a video of Igor’s Grapefruit & Fire cocktail. Igor’s cocktails were also featured by several other prominent media outlets, including The Cooking Channel, Sirius XM Radio and The Daily Meal.

While building ALCHEMIQ Catering, Igor found a new skill in beverage styling for photography trough his photo shoots for the company’s website. Igor’s attention to detail and understanding of mixology made him an outstanding stylist, which was noticed by many photographers. Igor has worked on many photo shoots for brands, including Patron Spirits, Global Spirits, Compass Box Whisky and Palm Bay International.

Mar 6, 2017

Howard Hian is an award winning journalist, affiliated with the North American Travel Journalists Association and the International Travel Writers Alliance. He was a long-time member of the San Diego Hotel Motel Association and served as an allied representative on their Board of Directors. In 2012 he was the San Diego hotel industry’s Allied Person of the Year. He served as a panel member of the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Division. Hian writes a monthly travel feature for The Military Press, a California semi-monthly journal with print circulation of 100,000 and 500,000 – 650,000 views/month at their website. His column also appears online at Travel Savvy West, Real Travel Adventures and Roadtrips for Couples. He believes his secret to writing a good story is having an in-house proofreader and editor (his wife). 

Hian has been playing poker for six decades. Over the past few years he has played 13,000+ hands of Omaha High/Low and 14,000+ of Hold ‘Em in home games, computer simulations, online and in casinos. In February 2014, he launched an app, Poker Tutorial: Omaha 101 – Improve Your Game and/or Learn the Basics. The app was downloaded in over 40 countries around the world. Its updated version Poker Tutorial: Omaha 101 Plus An Insiders Guide To Reno is now available in the iTunes store. It was recently won Gold in the app category in the North American Travel Journalist Association’s 2015 competition.

Do and check his site on:

Mar 6, 2017

Ellen is a grammar freak, a former freelance writer, and a founder and principal of Syntaxis, a communication skills training firm based in New York City. She has a B.A. in German from Harvard and an M.A. in comparative literature from UCLA. Ellen lives with her husband, Brandt Johnson, in a wildly polylingual apartment building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and can often be found walking or running around the city listening to language lessons.

I had studied German, Spanish, and French in school, but I wanted to go more global this time and add other language families. The initial plan of a year soon became two years, which eventually became three years, then four, then five, and which now stands at nearly eight years. The schedule has so far included 21 different languages involving a total of nine different alphabets and writing systems. No end in sight.

Through my blog here, I have chronicled linguistic adventures, some misadventures, and the mental and physical fallout of spending a lot of time outside one’s own alphabet and grammar. In 2013, I added a directory of learning-resource reviews for other people seeking to learn a new language or reinforce old skills. I continue to add to that.

Mostly now I wish to pay tribute to the joys of language learning, and to the extraordinary linguistic riches of my beloved adopted city and makeshift language-learning lab: New York.

I am often asked how I remember all these languages. I don’t! I forget tons. I study, forget, restudy, relearn, reforget, and so on. Doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t fun for me: I am a language hedonist! With each new language, my sense of the world, linguistic and otherwise, feels, well, larger. I treasure that.

I would love to see more Americans in particular, but also people around the world, enjoy the study of languages they did not grow up speaking.

A new language is a hand held out to one’s neighbor, an opener of doors, a new way to see, a mental tickle, a road to unmediated communication with strangers in other lands, access to the world’s news, a gesture of peace — really, language study can be anything you want to make of it.

Mar 6, 2017

Dirk Mueller's practice focuses on assisting clients with a wide range of finance, energy, and real estate development, acquisition, and disposition matters.

He represents lenders, investors, and developers in the financing, acquisition, disposition, development, leasing, and joint venture matters related to vineyards, wineries, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, industrial parks, and residential projects.

Dirk advises energy industry clients on the development, acquisition, disposition, project financing, and operation of energy projects of all types, including solar, wind, geothermal, natural gas, landfill gas, and biomass projects, and has extensive experience assisting clients with drafting and negotiating shared facility agreements for the shared ownership and use of gen-tie, substation, and water facilities. His recent experience includes representing clients in connection with the development, acquisition, sale and/or financing of many of the largest solar energy projects constructed to date in the United States, including the first large-scale solar project approved to be built on tribal land in North America. 

Mar 6, 2017

Miners in the hey day of the 1850s picked and panned their way along the American River near Cool in search of gold. Today the region has discovered a new gold with much more ease in the hues of a pint full of ale.

Steve and Rochelle Robello opened Cool Beerwerks in the summer of 2013. Steve, a craft beer aficionado and home brewer, teamed with his wife Rochelle and her infectious smile, thought a brewery in a community named Cool would be, well, cool.

“We live in the coolest town in the coolest state,” Steve said explaining the marketability of the name of the community.

Cool Beerwerks was as much an educated business decision as an act inspired by the boom in craft beer for these big city-turned-country entrepreneurs.

Rochelle manages the brewery restaurant and Steve designs beer recipes while also running a machine shop in Auburn, AMC Manufacturing.

“I love the brewing process but I learned pretty quickly it requires a professional,” Steve said.

Cool Beerwerk’s Brewmaster Mike Sutherland hails from Lincoln’s Beerman’s Beerwerks Brewery. Sutherland has more than 12 years of brewing experience.

“I’m there when we mash and I’m there when we do the recipes. Mike’s brewing really good, clean beers,” Steve said.

Cool Beerwerks has a seven-barrel system and is currently producing 400 to 500 barrels a year.

“We are going to continually develop new styles and new flavors of our beers,” Steve said.

The two most popular beers at Cool Beerwerks are the Steampunk Ale and a honey wheat. The Steampunk Ale is an amber steam beer, the predominant style of beer enjoyed by the gold miners of California in the 1800s and early 1900s. Steampunk — an aesthetic subculture — also references the vintage industrial chic style of the brewery restaurant’s interior design.

The oatmeal stout is one of Rochelle’s favorites.

“It’s tall, dark and sexy. It’s delicious, creamy and has a touch of coffee flavor,” Rochelle said.

The Robellos plan to enter that beer in the California Exposition and State Fair’s commercial beer competition.

Other craft beer offerings at Cool Beerwerks include a blonde IPA, imperial blonde IPA, American Pale IPA, California Common, Scottish Ale and a guest brewery’s beer is also often part of the line-up.

In another sort of line-up, Cool Beerwerks hosts live bands nearly every weekend. Steve, who happens to play guitar in thrash metal group Dublin Death Patrol, designed the stage and the sound system at Cool Beerwerks.

“We’ve got a great stage and great bands. We made an extra effort to make it sound good here,” Steve said.

At Cool Beerwerks you’ll also find pool tables, dart boards and outdoor patio seating. The brewery has a full menu that will soon see the addition of gourmet burgers, fish and chips and more. One of the burgers Steve and Rochelle are excited about is sure to be hot, not only in popularity but with ghost pepper cheese, onion and jalapeño straws, and a spicy chipotle sauce.

Steve and Rochelle moved from the Bay Area to Greenwood more than 13 years ago where they have raised their two sons.

“Local people helped us build the business. They voted on our logo and our slogan: ‘That’s so cool’,” Rochelle said. “Cool Beerwerks is not bar-like and not restaurant-like but a place where everyone feels welcome.”


Mar 6, 2017

As chef and owner of The Girl Can Cook, Chef Candace Conley offers recreational cooking classes at her newly renovated studio and catering kitchen, she shows people with all skill levels how to fearlessly cook in her kitchen and transition that technique and mindset over to their own daily lives.  Coming from a long line of talented home cooks, Chef Candace has developed a self-taught culinary style that positions her as the only chef personality and entrepreneur in Tulsa who does what she does.

“Cooking without a Parachute” and “Stupid, Easy and Delicious” are a few of the common phrases that have evolved from her no-fuss, non-intimidating, FUN approach to teaching others how to cook at home.

The mission is simple: to teach people how to cook at home…and enjoy it.

Chef Candace has been recognized throughout the years with People’s Choice Awards and other industry accolades. Her philanthropic spirit has landed her at countless events providing clever demonstrations and spreads for many of the community’s nonprofit organizations.

Mar 6, 2017
Christian O'Kuinghttons is the brilliant sommelier there.  Following is some insight to his wine philosophy.
“In the evolution of the American palate for wine styles, we are moving from simplicity to complexity,” he said, and what’s going on in the American wine scene now is being guided by this generation of millennials.  “They are looking for a depth of characteristics.  They like a fruity wine with a long finish, and have a “more the merrier” attitude about flavor and aroma in a wine.”
Since 1996, Christian has been developing the impressive wine list.  “That work has been like a ladder reaching up and up, and that is consistent with my temperament as I reach toward a joyful wine experience,” he said.  “Our wine program receives awards all the time.   We believe in 8 ounce pours, so that two glasses of different wines are generally sufficient to take a diner through a great wine experience with his meal. “

Christian searches for wines that come from small producers of beautiful grapes.  “I meet winemakers and walk their vineyards.  The winery that produces between 150 and 300 cases is of most interest to me,” he said.  We tasted four such wines.
Evolution White, from Oregon, vintage 2011-2012. This is a blend of 9 different grapes: Pinot Grigio, White Riesling, Muscat, Gewurtztraminer, Muller-Thurgau, Semillon, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner and Chardonnay.  It has a lush tropical yet crisp finish, and some flintiness.  Taste is of dried fruits, like apricot.  12 percent alcohol.
Mar 6, 2017

Open any bottle of Brian Carter Cellars wine and you’ll discover both an inspiration and a story. Our handcrafted wines reflect classic elegance and the centuries-old tradition found in true European-style blends. Balanced and well-rounded, each wine speaks anew to the art of blending and showcases Brian’s personal passion for making exemplary European-style blends from Washington State’s unique terroir.

Just as an artist ponders each color possibility, winemaker Brian Carter deliberates long and hard over his broad palette of grape varietals, blending around the edges to create an inspired new world representation of each European-style he makes. Brian didn’t set out to be a blender. His art grew out of science and agriculture, and in fact, one wasn’t possible without the other. Since coming to Washington State in 1980, Brian has been at the forefront of the Washington wine industry. By encouraging growers to plant different varietals, he influenced both the quantity and quality of Washington State varietals, and tremendous improvements in the industry. In turn he was able to develop the concept for Brian Carter Cellars and his passion for blending.

Mar 6, 2017

Violet’s passion for wine began at an early age, as she literally grew up accompanying her father, Vintners Hall of Fame inductee Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, in the vineyards and cellar. She spent her summers at the winery, doing everything from bottling line work to laboratory analysis and working in the tasting room.

Attending the University of California, Davis, Violet earned a BA in music while taking classes in biology, chemistry, and enology.  After graduation, she returned home to Grgich Hills to continue her education in the wine business, learning about daily operations of the winery from her father, Miljenko “Mike” Grgich. She received her Master of Music in harpsichord at Indiana University, and then joined the winery fulltime in 1988. She’s now responsible for daily management of the winery, as well as sales and marketing. She says that she has the ideal job: “I believe that wine is part of a healthy, happy and long life. Wine brings people together and makes them happy, which makes my job extraordinarily fulfilling.”

Involved with every aspect of the wine business, Violet enjoys wearing many different hats, often at the same time.  She explains, “My dad insisted that in order to lead the winery I needed to work at every single position, starting at the bottom.” Violet continues to enjoy learning something new each day and following her grandfather’s and father’s philosophy of “Every day do something just a little better.”

Mar 4, 2017

I am AKA The City Doctor as an international expert in quality of life places and how they matter to us living our best lives. As part of my work around the world, I regularly discuss the importance of place, travel, and place experiences along the way (such as in the growing industry of “culinary tourism” where you travel specifically to eat). My first book, “Place Match: The City Doctor’s Guide to Finding Where You Belong” was released late last year. The book is basically a dating and marriage guide to finding your right place match by comparing the journey to find the right partner to the journey to finding the right place. I would love to come on your show to talk as a guest. I am a 2 time TEDx talker and a former radio talk show host myself so I know how to be engaging and interesting to your audience even if I’m discussing the science of place and the role it plays in our lives.

I’m a globally-recognized, award-winning expert in the field of placemaking: quality of life places and why they matter to living our best lives. I have held leadership and advisory roles in some of the most ground-breaking and innovative placemaking projects. I am a two-time TEDx speaker on place and have been featured widely in the press, including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NPR, LA Times, The Atlantic, and CBS News, to name a few. My newly-released book, “Place Match: The City Doctor’s Guide to Finding Where You Belong” (ISBN 978-0-9966038-3-6) is available through my website: and Amazon. You can find out more about me at and You can also google me to learn more.

Mar 4, 2017

The vision for Crosby Roamann began in New York City in 2006. Husband and wife, Sean and Juliana McBride started making wine in Tribeca in 2006 – merely a barrel of grapes they purchased from one of Napa’s most well known <img class="size-full wp-image-12629 alignright" src="" alt="" width="300" height="200" />vineyard managers, Andy Beckstoffer. Bitten by the bug Sean moved to the valley and started making wine at White Rock Vineyards – which is where he learned much of the hands on process of wine making. Their first commercial release dates from 2007. They started selling this release in 2010 and with this increased commitment, both Sean and and Juliana moved to the valley and now live here full time.

Sean first discovered his interest in wine while working in college stocking a wine shop. His “aha moment”, as he describes it was over a bottle of Ridge 1995 Zinfandel from Paso Robles. While working at this wine shop he developed a new found passion for wine and became a voracious reader of wine literature and tried to learn as much as he could about the industry. How it is made, why it taste differently and so forth. The enjoyment of drinking wine became ancillary.

The focus of Crosby Roamann’s wines are on single vineyard single appellation hand-crafted wines. They work with local independent growers and currently source fruit from more than 10 vineyards – all in Napa. Often times they will hear from friends and other growers of a select vineyard that needs a home for its fruit; they are not opposed to making wine from the vineyard for just a single vintage or if there is a chance for a longer term agreement, they may add a particular vineyard into their annual portfolio.

Sean is highly interested in the terroir of Napa and what makes each region within the valley unique. Generally, can you taste the differences between Rutherford and neighboring Oakville? Is the “Rutherford Dust” an aspect that is completely unique to this sub appellation? Some of their wines explore these terroir differences – especially neat are wines he makes from grapes grown so close to each other but in different soils and even differences in mini microclimates.

Mar 4, 2017

Michael Green as wine consultant to Gourmet Magazine for over 20 years

Michael's expertise in the world of food and drink are unrivaled. He is a highly sought-after personality at corporate events and on national television, with numerous appearances on MSNBC, CNN, The Today Show, and The Food Network.

He is the creator and host of the web series The Wine Hero and serves at as the food, drink and travel consultant to Departures Magazine.

Let Michael harness the power of wine to build unforgettable experiences for your business with carefully curated food and wine experiences, wine country tours, and private concierge services.

Looking to bring something different to a short evening with coworkers, an extended corporate retreat, a high-level meeting, or an employee incentive program? Michael’s extensive knowledge will ignite your audience! His close relationships with wineries, restaurants, and world-renowned chefs will provide you with all of the resources you need to create an event that will resonate for years to come.

When working with Michael, you will not only receive his services as a food and drink expert; you will receive a detail-oriented and research-based strategy for your entire event. Michael and his team will craft resonating experiences, exciting wine pairings, detailed travel plans, sensible event strategies, and carefully chosen entertainment programs that will flow seamlessly and effortlessly. They work to ensure that the only thing you have to focus on is enjoying yourself.

With a winning combination of wine, experiential marketing, and theater, Michael creates a perfect experience that will always leave you, your colleagues, and clients wanting more.

Mar 4, 2017

Chris Specialises in FAST THERAPY a unique blend of therapy for Phobia Removal, Decreasing Fear and Anxiety and Boosting Self Esteem and Confidence. 

Over the past 10 years, Chris has built up a reputation as a highly motivational coach, helping clients to overcome their fears and to achieve their goals. Chris creates individual client focus sessions and works with clients from all walks of life from Company Directors to Parents and Teenagers.

Chris created Fast Therapy. He have took the best from a range of therapy disciplines including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focus, Positive Psychology and Life Coaching and made it relevant  to overcoming Phobias and Fears, Increasing Confidence and Reducing Anxiety.

The days of having hundreds of hours of therapy to overcome one issues are gone. Behavioral Neuroscience Studies and advancements in therapy disciplines have empowered Fast Therapy Therapist, to get quick long-lasting results.

Are you ready to overcome your issue? How does your current situation make you feel? What part of your life is really frustrating you? Are you determined to make a change?

If yes, then Fast Therapy is for you.

Feb 25, 2017

Martha Miller is a former retail executive who had been downsized twice, and decided to take life into her own hands. She and her husband quit their “secure” jobs to move overseas, complete an education, experience another culture, and change the course of their lives. Martha began writing about the new life she was living in Italy, eventually becoming a frequent contributor to Wanted in Rome, an English-language magazine. Her work has also appeared in, Transitions Abroad, Go World Travel, International Living,, Family Circle, Parents, The Christian Science Monitor and The Writer. Her personal essays and syndicated columns, Living Greenly and Living Online, have been published in regional publications across the United States.

Feb 25, 2017

Dave has worked in travel and tourism for 20 years in many countries around the world. For the past 8 years, Dave has been based back in his home country of New Zealand working in a Senior Management role for Air New Zealand and Les Mills International. After a brief break from the tourism industry, Dave jumped at the opportunity to lead an exciting new start-up business that will show case New Zealand, and enable people to explore the country in the best possible way – cruising in a motorhome.

Mighway is raising the bar on peer-to-peer platforms, offering owners the freedom of being completely hands off during the rental process,” said Dave Simmons, CEO of Mighway—which is owned by TH2, a new joint venture between Tourism Holdings Limited (thl), the world’s largest RV rental and sales operator with 30 years of experience in the industry; and Thor Industries—manufacturers of the renowned Airstream and Jayco RV brands.

“As RV peer-to-peer platforms came on the market, we noticed a huge gap in service and protection options, which was a huge barrier for potential owners and renters,” said Simmons. “We created Mighway to break this barrier, drawing on our extensive experience and partnerships to offer unrivalled premium support, storage and insurance options. As far as we know, no one else is doing this, so it’s a game changer for peer-to-peer platforms in general, not just RVs.”

Although owners can be hands-on if they want, the Mighway Managed option takes away the burden of everything from vetting and dealing with customers to cleaning, vehicle handover, repairs, emergency road service and insurance claims. Owned by the largest commercial rental operator and largest manufacturer, Mighway leverages their relationships with dealers to access to space to store vehicles in professional facilities at a much lower cost than owners can find on their own.

“We recommend RV owners take advantage of our free listings now, so they can be ready for the lucrative spring and summer travel season,” Simmons said. “With Mighway, owners can bank on their RV but hang on to their valuable free time and peace of mind. Our competitors can’t offer this level of service and flexibility.”

Learn more at

Feb 25, 2017

Travelzoo’s Senior Editor Gabe Saglie is a leading expert on travel deals, travel tips and trends. He has appeared on dozens of highly-rated national and local news programs including CNN, NBC's Today Show, CNBC's On the Money, ABCNewsNow and Meredith Corporation’s Better TV, as well as numerous affiliate stations in major markets around the country including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami and many others. Gabe has uncovered hundreds of valuable travel deals and has become an authority on topics such as tips for finding great travel deals, family travel, golf getaways, culinary vacations, cruises, island adventures, gaming vacations and ski getaways.

Gabe’s extensive journalistic background began as a news writer and field producer for KGTV, the ABC affiliate in San Diego, and subsequently as a producer on the 5pm News at KEYT, the ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara. Shortly after, he was promoted to anchor and weathercaster for KEY News This Morning and executive producer and anchor of the popular Coastal Business Report. During Gabe’s career as an anchor, he has interviewed many prominent people including renowned culinary personality Wolfgang Puck, Fleetwood Mac drummer and founder, Mick Fleetwood, Olympic Gold Medalist Peggy Flemming, comedians John Cleese and Dennis Miller and Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron.

Gabe has a Bachelor of Arts in English from UCLA and a Master of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from USC Los Angeles.

Not only is Gabe well versed in journalism he also brings a wealth of knowledge to his reports through his personal travel experiences. He is a Chilean native born in Norway to active, globetrotting parents. He has traveled to over 20 countries and is fluent in three languages, Spanish, French and English. Gabe’s travel experiences allow him to be one of the industry’s foremost consumer travel advocates.

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